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dall general meeting

1.   call to order and roll – gibson – 701pm

2.   financial report and report of liabilities

A.      April figures:  $9736.33 light fund; 20,897.94 checking; 100.11 HHR; 6587.66 challenger.  Concessions $1855.08; donations 240; fund raising 750; misc fees 3800.  Total revenue for April $6645.08.

B.      April Expenses:  total $10,511.66.  Capital 4895.98; opex 411; maint/repair 2753.88; elec 130.18; other 1197.06.  Liabilities $26,408.75.  Total assets $37,322.44.  

C.       Is there a penalty if we use the Geisinger grant ($10,000 per year for 3 years, 10 years of signs), can we pay the loan early?  No penalty, not much benefit.

3.   new business

A.      What do we need to do for the league?

                     i.            No equipment needs currently

                   ii.            Reflex Brazilian Jiu Jitsuu wants to become involved for sponsorship.  Name is Jason Moore, 570-854-3444 or 854-3261

                 iii.            We will be purchasing Quick Dry prior to all stars

                 iv.            Please don’t put rear drag down on Sand Star when ground is wet, only center spikes

B.      First aid kits

                     i.            These are in each shed, each has Save-a-Tooth, and ice packs are available in each first aid kit.  The ones in Utility are broken.  They last 10 minutes per bag

C.       June 1 Social Day – still working on raffle baskets.  Bounce houses are ordered

                     i.            Moose just gave $500, Pine Barn gave $300 so far

D.      June 2 all star voting and coach selection (coaches to vote or be eligible must attend 4 of the 5 January through May)

E.       Water and Gatorade still needed, please ask your teams

F.       NFL raffle tickets are in and envelopes are being stuffed.  They will be out this week to distribute to teams

G.      Tournaments

                     i.            Minor, Major softball at Echo – volunteers desperately needed.  Need tournament director.  Josh Kelchner will take lead on field maintenance here.  June 14-July 4

                   ii.            Boys 9-10 baseball at Washies – volunteers needed.  Dave Bulbin will be tournament director.  June 25-July 10.

                 iii.            We will post a schedule of volunteer activities needed

                 iv.   is website for brackets, which are not out yet

4.   Good of the order

A.      Has the thought of a tarp at the Majors field been considered?  Yes, but they are over $2000.  It is on the agenda for the board meeting tonight.  We may be able to get one from Bloom U.

B.      Majors field maintenance – has drainage ever been considered?  Deep tine aeration may help .  Tom Heigt from Frosty Valley CC has knowledge here, may be worth a conversation

C.       Softball will need replacement tines for the Gator, they are about $110.  Also may need 1 more pallet of lime.  Major team is down to 10 players currently (which would require a waiver); other option is to combine with another league and have a try out.  Minors is fine.

D.      Lights at senior field:  Seidel and Cero took amp readings on the circuits and they are fine.  We use the breakers as switches, which wears them down.  New breakers are ordered and will be installed this week.

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