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DALL Meeting Minutes 11/24/2019


I.Call to order 8:01PM

II.Role Call: all present but Kelchner

III.Approval of last minutes

A.               Motion: Krainak

B.               Second: Merchant

IV.Financial Review

V.Old Business

 .                 Soil Test: $7,299, drill 4 holes for sample, 30 feet deep

1.     Motion:             

2.     Second:

A.               Major Field Press Box: Tabled to next meeting

B.               Equipment: Unknown what is avaialble, will email

C.              2020 Calendar Plan: Now on website and went over the calendar at with everyone at general meeting

D.              Tryouts: Need to discuss regarding primary school vs barns.  Would prefer barns because it easier for setup. Plan for Feb 8th and 15th for tryout

VI.Event Calendar Review

 .                 2020League Calendar:  Reviewed extensively at general meeting

A.               Registration: Numbers so far, Majors 8, Caoch 13, Player 6, MSB 3, MinSB 9, Sr 7, CH 4, I 1

VII.New Business

 .                 Registration fees

A.               NFL Raffle Predictions: Likely to have a 1000 dollar winner for the raffle and need to make sure we have money to cover winner should it happen. 

B.               Registration: See above. 

C.              Renewal of charter for 2020

1.     Pending payment: 5 majors and 5 seniors team, due by end of year: $2931.95

2.     Three places additionally insured: Danville, Washies, School district

3.     Incentive for free baseballs/softballs: AD Starr sends to league

D.              Heeters opted out of sponsor: Southside to move to higher level

E.               Photo date to be set for state grant check presentation: pending decision on date with Masser’s office

F.               Dick’s sporting goods request submitted: Sold Blue Sombrero, More gear for more 20% coupons used by league parents and players.  With new company, will not have monthly fee, but will be charged 3 bucks per registration. WIll have conference call and discuss options for covering cost for this year as contingency.  Mattt Hickey and Bob Krainak to take call. 

G.              Bylaws

1.     Change recommendations: 

a.               Good standing meaning for attendees to meetings

1.     Keep good standing to 50% of meetings attended

2.     Remove all star voting attendance requirements

a.               Suggest attend 1 meeting to be able to vote as opposed to 4 out of 5

i.Motion:  Krainak

ii.Second: Schultz

iii.Vote: Unanimous

b.               Voting order: President and treasurer should be alternating with vice president and secretary

c.                Maintain 12 voting members and league president

d.               Board of directors regarding discipline: Add suspend manager coach umpire fan or player if poor behavior or form

e.               Rules committee and Budget committee: Change to board of directors; Approved

f.                 Approval regarding use of league facilities outside of league: sentence updated

g.               Managers, coaches, umpires required to practice 1.5 hours, 4 sessions per week; Would like to exempt challenger from practice not 4 sessions.

h.               Change bylaws to reflect 25 registration fee instead of 20 registration fee and money can be used to help league events and include social fee.  Prevent confusion from patrons regarding

1.     Could be an issues with Washies in future

i.                 Sibling option: Consider making one rule for all leagues.

j.                 Run rules: Remove softball from run rules because of interleaguing

1.     Tabled until registration numbers known for baseball rules

k.                Dugout rules: number in dugout from 4 to 3 adults, approved.

l.                 Annual audit by neutral auditor outside the league: will get local CPA to do so when needed

H.              Operational changes

1.     Need to change bank signers: Add Matt Hickey, Remove Todd Gibson.

 .                 Motion: Koser

a.               Second: Mills

1.     Approved

2.     Need to update Cole’s List: add everybody 

VIII.Open discussion


 .                 Motion: Krainak

A.               Second: Hickey


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Danville Area Little League

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