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General Meeting 12/29/2019


I.                 Call to order

II.                Role Call/Sign in sheet

III.              Approval of last meeting minutes motion Fry second Schultz

IV.              Old Business

a.      Seeking volunteers

                                                    i.     President, concessions, mowing, umpires

1.      Matt is interim acting president

2.      Need concessions in charge volunteers

3.      Mowing will be assigned on rotating basis to teams

4.      Umpires will be covered

a.      Need volunteers if people are interested

5.      Adjusting responsible parties for signing league checks

b.      Registration Update

                                                    i.     Numbers/Pace/Important dates

1.      Pace is about similar to last year for all levels at this point

2.      Missing 101 players as of now through all divisions

3.      Important dates

a.      Sign up would be preferred by Dec 31st 2019

                                                                                                                i.     Resultant from change in part C

c.      Website sale and league impact

                                                    i.     Starting Jan 3rd, New company takes over for bluesombrero to Sack Sports

1.      Main change is 3 dollar registration administrative fee for the league per player

d.      Volunteer clearances

                                                    i.     LL annually and state requirements every 5 years

1.      LL coach volunteer form annual

2.      Child abuse, criminal and background check due every 5 years

a.      May need to renew this year or next year

b.      May be charges over 125 clearances and will discuss at next meeting

e.      Cash Raffles

                                                    i.     Printed – invoice due to Klein artworks, 280 dollars

                                                   ii.     Two Colors: 3000 green/2250 Yellow

f.       Returning League property

                                                    i.     Player equipment/all star binders

1.      Please return equipment if you have it

2.      Contact Josh Kelchner if any questions

g.      Complex improvements

                                                    i.     Senior field

1.      Reseeded the field and graded the field prior

2.      Lighting project

a.      Soil survey was completed

                                                                                                                i.     Will help determine the size of base for the poles

b.      Contingent on total cost for lighting replacement which is determined by the size of the lighting base

                                                   ii.     Major press box steps projects

1.      Andrew Francis is redoing the Major steps for Eagle Scout project

2.      Discussion regarding with board tonight

h.      2020 league charter

                                                    i.     Charter is approved and paid as of this point

                                                   ii.     Confirmed that Milton has chartered a senior league this year

i.       Gen Meeting date changes

                                                    i.     4th Sunday each month

                                                   ii.     General meeting dates (1/26, 2/23, 3/22, 4/26, 5/31, 9/20)

V.               Financial Review

a.      Major payments

                                                    i.     Soil survey 3000 mid Atlantic

                                                   ii.     Little league charter 2931.95

                                                  iii.     NFL 400 dollars for December

                                                  iv.     PPL bill 136.91

                                                   v.     Loan payment 973.45

                                                  vi.     Light fund 97111.28

1.      Mostly from grant money

                                                vii.     9180.15 checking account

                                               viii.     Challenger checking account 3186.82

1.      336 for Rohrbach’s fundraiser

                                                  ix.     1975 for loan payment account

                                                   x.     Loan 19028.09 left outstanding

VI.              Event calendar review

a.      Registration Jan 4th and 11th

VII.            New business

a.      Interleague play

                                                    i.     Evaluation of ages and divisions following registration

                                                   ii.     Shamokin dropped little league because of lack of interest in playing

                                                  iii.     Will discuss during Jan 12th district meeting

1.      Would play Berwick, bloom, Central and Millville if happens

b.      Tryouts

                                                    i.     MVP clubhouse

1.      Feb 1st and 15th from 4-8PM

2.      Entire facility for 100 dollars per session

3.      MVP Staff will be available to give tours to parents if interested

                                                   ii.     Consider MVP for practices in preseason with weather

c.      NCSA tournament April 25-26

                                                    i.     Applied for county tourism grant

                                                   ii.     CVMB sponsorship for 800 dollars this year

                                                  iii.     Need volunteers to help with tournament each day

1.      10 people per day

2.      Help April 24th with field preparation

d.      Individual awards/changes

                                                    i.     Pitching

                                                   ii.     Hildebrand (Best sportsman)

                                                  iii.     Riley (Most improved)

e.      NFL Raffle final week

                                                    i.     Grand prizes to be awarded

f.       Jason Gordon basketball event 1/5

g.      Bylaw changes

                                                    i.     Maintaining 12 voting member and league president

                                                   ii.     Took out unnecessary committee, rules and budget committee

                                                  iii.     Update language regarding registration

                                                  iv.     3 adults in dugout

                                                   v.     Coaches can attend one meeting instead of 4 to vote for all stars

h.      Little League Rules app $1.99

VIII.           Open discussion/Breakouts

IX.              Adjournment

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Danville Area Little League

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Danville Area Little League

P.O. Box 224 
Danville, Pennsylvania 17821

Email: [email protected]
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